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About Us

We've been selling Brahma Locks since 2010 when I first bought one for my own use. I was extremely impressed by the quality and ingenuity of the device and discovered that the Design Engineer and patent holder responsible for the Brahma Wheel Lock lived nearby. Being of a similar age, we became friends and I decided to offer the lock for sale within my retail and online motorcycle accessories business. (A bit of a stretch, but some motorcyclists do transport their bikes by trailer). Not only was I supporting a friend in business, but the locks quickly became one of our best sellers!

"Lock the Wheel", is a Brand of Morrison Motorcycle Mounts & More and is an attempt to segregate the Brahma locks store from the otherwise unrelated motorcycle accessories site, www.morrisonmotomounts.com

That site was started in 2009 shortly after having "retired" from a career of selling gadgets on behalf of the regional phone company. Not ready in any sense to be fully retired, (financially especially), I decided to create my own job. Having been a "solutions specialist" my whole life, this combined my love for gadgets with my love for motorcycling. We offer products that are tried and true and are guided by the adage, "If I wouldn't buy it for my bike, I won't sell it for yours." 

That principle guides us in selling Brahma locks as well. If you are like me, you want a lock that not only deters theft, but actually prevents theft. 

Brahma Wheel Locks are the solution. Buy yours today. You won't regret it!