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BRAHMA Wheel Lock - 13" and 14" Wheels - WL002
BRAHMA Wheel Lock - 13" and 14" Wheels - WL002

BRAHMA Wheel Lock - 13" and 14" Wheels - WL002

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Serious supply chain issues have delayed the Factory Shipment indefinately.

This is Brahma's WL002 wheel lock, sized for most 13 and 14 inch wheel / tire combinations. Will also fit many of the standard front wheels on single position ATVs.

NOTE: For ST215/75R14 SIZE ONLY, please buy the WL001-14" shown here.

If unsure of what size lock you will need, tire sizing is shown on the sidewall of your tires, and expressed in a format similar to "ST205/65R14".  (Width in MM. / Height-to-Width Ratio / Wheel Diameter in inches.)  If you are not able to view your trailer's tires directly, the information is contained on the manufacturer's specification sheets, manuals and/or website.

Buyer's Guide

Fitment Note - Please Read

While the majority of 13 & 14 inch tire/wheel combinations are supported, the WL002 does have a maximum width and height that it can be adjusted to. The WL002 will fit tire sizes up to 8.5 inches wide (22 cm.) sidewall-to-sidewall with MINIMUM diameter of 21 inches and MAXIMUM diameter of 26 inches. (Can be measured simply from the ground to top tread).  Tires of larger dimensions, such as 215/75R14 are supported by Brahma's WL001-14, a modified version of our larger lock..

In addition, the top arm of the lock requires approximately 1 inch of clearance between the trailer body/fender and the back sidewall of the tire.

ALSO, please review the optional "Flat" Lug Nut Cover  page to see if this will be required for your installation.

Installation Instructions

How It Works

Brahma's locks are manufactured from high strength, heavy gauge steel which has been hardened in critical areas, such as the lock housing. Painted a vibrant orange, they are a strong visual deterrent. We recommend that the lock be installed on the trailer side most visible to passersby.

A properly installed Brahma Wheel Lock prevents the locked wheel from rotating in two ways; the flanges on the locks arms will dig into the road surface and the lug nut cover will bind up inside the rim, locking the wheel in place. Attempting to drag a trailer with a Brahma lock in place makes a lot of noise!

The wheel's lug nuts are protected from tampering by the dish-style cover plate, which is secured in place by the cross arm of the lock so that the locked wheel cannot be removed and/or replaced.

Brahma locks remain effective even if the tire has been deflated in an effort to remove the lock.  The steel bands within the tire make it rigid enough for the lock to stay in place and the weight shift caused by deflation causes the wheel dish to bind up inside the rim. Even with the tire deflated, the lock cannot be removed and will remain effective. 

Wheel locks should always be applied to a rear axle wheel of trailers with tandem axles. If affixed to a wheel on the front axle, thieves can raise the hitch until the front axle tires are off the ground and tow it away on just the rear axle wheels, rendering the lock ineffective.

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